The home of 66 jingles in a row – every hour!

We don’t have a traditional schedule of presenters and programmes – instead we operate like a rolling news service, with the same format each hour, with different guests announcing different parts of each hour.

Listen from the top of the hour and you’ll hear jingle news, sponsor jingle and TOH ident followed by something no other radio station can boast – 66 jingles in a row with yet another randomly created JingleMad JingleMix.

For the geeks, we’re powered by PSquared’s Autotrack Pro scheduler and Myriad playout system (v4) and streaming via Planet Wide Radio with the use of Samcast.

A typical hour on JingleMad Radio looks like this:

:00 Jingle News

:02 Top of hour

:03 JingleMad JingleMix – 66 jingles in a row

:19 Station song

:20 Demonstration time – 5 jingle demos in a row

:39 Featured jingle

:40 JingleMad jingle montages – user created montages

:57 Sports, travel and weather beds f/by news intro

All times provided for reference only and can change hour-by-hour depending on the length of jingles and jingle packages used.

Having trouble?

If you are having trouble with the pop-up JingleMad Radio Player (press play on the cart machine on the home page), try these alternatives:

Shoutcast AAC Stream page

Shoutcast MP3 Stream page