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WEBE 108 Drops JAM
  • jlehmannjlehmann March 2013
    Seems that longtime JAM station WEBE 108 in Bridgeport, CT has new jingles. Maybe someone on here can ID what they are.
  • ratnobratnob March 2013

    Here's the weather jingle recorded off-air tonight:
  • mjb1124mjb1124 March 2013
    I'm not familiar with these jingles, and no company immediately springs to mind. It could be Cumulus' in-house Benztown Branding striking again, but who knows? I'm always sorry to hear about JAM losing a client, but so far I don't mind these new jingles. The tracks are nicely produced, while the vocals are okay but could be a little clearer (I had to listen a couple times to figure out what the one slogan cut I heard sang). Here's some cuts I recorded from WEBE - including their older JAM TOH and morning show cut that were still in use as of last night.

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