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The spirit of texas 1985
  • Does anyone have the full was news package te spirit of Texas by Jim Kirk 1985.
  • BarrasBarras May 2012
    #1156 of my jingle collection features Spirit Of Texas...

    Download my jingle list by “right” clicking on this link and “save target as”….

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  • Hey Barras & Alexdittmar,
    Thanks, and yes this is the one. I am looking for the full package if anyone has it. The one that I would like to have is the one they used fof Celebrate Texas. And would like more cuts of the news series C on this demo if anyone has them. I am also looking for a particular package that aired in 1982-1984 for KXAS. It was only used for a very short time. It was after Al Hambs Move Closer to Your World and before Stephen Arnolds music. Here is the link. Its the very first one on here with Scott Chesner. I cant find this package for anything... Does anyone know who did this or have a copy of it please?

  • I'm interested in finding that stuff too. However, most people here are focused on radio, not TV.

    I know jinglejoe has some TV packages from TM, Peters, Frank Gari, etc. in his collection. He once sent me a Spanish version of the "Spirit of Texas" song, done for KMOL in San Antonio...
  • glenglen May 2012
    Is it better than the Jam Spirit of New England WBAP REMIX image song?
    I have never heard the Spirit of Texas that David and Alex are talking about.
    The library doesn't let listen.
  • Nice to see some interest in "SofT" as we called it at WFAA. I was (and still am) a member of the Creative Services department at WFAA and was involved in the development and execution of Spirit of Texas in 1984. At the time "promotion" as it was called was led by Lee Armstrong, a wonderful manager (who later went on to great success with the Cox TV station group) who asked a simple question, "What is WFAA?

    Designing and developing the campaign was the answer.

    Spirit of Texas has been bent, folded, spindled and mutilated through the years. It primarily is used in our community relations activities these days. A form of the musical logo is still in use. I'm told the term still tests very positively.

    I don't remember all the details but the first part of the package (image song and the 30 second "mood" pieces (written and lyriced for 3 30 second TV promos) were written and recorded in March of 1984 and introduced in April of that year. The newscast music was recorded in July-August of 1984 and introduced that September. Jim Kirk was responsible for the package though it wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't some help from Tom Merriman and Bob Piper with the arrangements, especially since the package had a full contemporary (for 84) orchestral sound, let's face it no one did orchestra better than Tom. I was responsible for it on the WFAA side of things.

    Package trivia. The lead female on the :60 Spirit song was Cheryl Clevinger (I hope I spelled it right!). Cheryl was pregnant when she sang the song. As fate would have it I met a friend of mine at TM Studios in 2002 as he was having some jingles sung. This was in the Dave Graupner era. Cheryl was on the session. She introduced herself and reminded me that she sang on the track (yes I remembered). She then told me that her "baby" was going to be enrolling in college the next week.

    The package was added to in bits and pieces over the next 6 years. I remember doing at least 2 more image songs related to Spirit. We went in a different direction with some "consultant driven" news package in 1992 or so (that sucked beyond belief) then had a relationship with Steven Arnold and now 615. But as I said the logo still hangs in there.

    There was also a 3:30 song written by Kirk called "The Spirit of Texas." I'll post that shortly. I still get requests from schools for the sheet music!

    My favorite re-sing of SofT was for an FM radio station in Akron:

    "The spirit of Akron is on W N I R, come give a listen at home, at work or in your car" if i remember correctly.

    It was also re-sung for KOA radio in Denver. Belo (WFAA's parent) owned that station for a very short period in the 80s.

    In there early 80's there was a somewhat OK Kirk Douglas movie shot in Australia, "Man from Snowy River." Bruce Rowland composed the soundtrack and somehow or another I had a copy of it on LP (later, CD). I liked his orchestral arrangements on the sound track at the time so I gave Kirk a copy of the album.

    Let's just say that Jim borrowed heavily from that.

    OK, I'm interested in jingles (I wouldn't have found this place if I wasn't) but I am in no position to supply copies of the package or any of WFAA's subsequent packages. I've never been any kind of collector to speak of and except for a couple of cuts that I've pulled for personal purposes I don't even have immediate access to the tapes since they are in the off site company archives and probably need baking etc. It seems that the collectors that matter have the package in there collections anyway.

    I do have a couple things of interest that i need to post and I will as time permits. Tservo mentioned a sampler I did in a post and that will be put on Soundcloud for all to enjoy.

    Thanks for letting me remember a fun and rewarding project.

    Wally Wawro
    WFAA Creative Services
    Dallas, TX
  • I mentioned that Jim Kirk composed an original song for WFAA, "The Spirit of Texas" as part of the sessions in 1984. We didn't do anything with it initially. Somehow or another an east-Texas country band, "Mason Dixon" had heard about the song and started performing it. We weren't happy with Jim's scratch vocal and didn't want it to sound like a jingle (anyone remember Jim's "Voice of Freedom?"). When we heard what they were doing with the song we took a chance and got them into the studio to sing the vocals against Jim's instrumental track. We were pretty happy with it, shot a music video and with the help of one of the country FM's in the market released the song on a 45 (a round 7" vinyl disc with a big hole in the center that somehow or another was able to reproduce music with reasonable quality-for you youngsters). It was sold through a grocery store chain and the money went to charity. I think it sold about 3 thousand copies or so. The song became a hit with elementary school music teachers and we eventually shot several promos with kids singing etc. While the production on the song reflects the 1980s, I think the song itself holds up fairly well today. Enough of me, here's the tune!

    Wally Wawro
    WFAA Creative Services
    Dallas, TX

    The Spirit of Texas Song WFAA-TV by doubleyou26
  • jinglejoejinglejoe June 2012
    Wow, sensational! Story and song. Thanks for posting that for us. Goes along quite well with a superb jingle package.
    I have been honored to have gotten a copy of one of your incredible TM package samplers. Lots of work put into that, I'm sure, and lots of great TM jingles. Thanks for making collecting that much more fun.
    joe c
  • tcarmantcarman June 2012
    Hey Wally,
    Thanks for the info... and great to see you here!! I hope all is well in Dallas!
  • Tracy, can you please call Tony Jordan 469-865-8278.

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