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R1 Bits and Pieces Jingles
  • RefereeReferee February 2008
    Does anyone have a copy of the bits and pieces jingle used on the R1 Roadshows mid 80's?
  • PrometheusPrometheus February 2008
    Indeed... attached.

    Classic piece of noise, this.

    David filename:1203711138_1040_FT58910_r1__bits__pieces_noise.mp3
  • Eh??? I know that that was the sound effect David...

    Could Colin be thinking of the "jingle" itself - which wasn't really a jingle as such but a "promo" as
    they were called in those days, which was a v/o'd short splice-up edit of "Bits and Pieces" by the
    Dave Clark Five, including the end-of-song drums suitably "swished" by applying phasing? 8)
  • PrometheusPrometheus February 2008
    Ahhh... I see... next time I will read the post properly.

    Sorry for erroneous post. Either way - still a classic piece of noise. I don't have the produced version... but with a short time on Pro Tools and a small payment I could produce the attachment to sound just like the Radio One feature theme.

    Mercenary David filename:1203713669_1040_FT58910_dave_clark_five__bits_and_pieces.mp3
  • RefereeReferee February 2008
    Thanks for the feed back folks.

    The Dave Clark Five track was used but towards the end of the eighties before they introduced the petshop boys intro in the nineties. What I actually meant to say was, the origional jingle was on the 82 package (sonovox) "on 275 & 285 R1". (copy attached)

    David's sound bite was used to splice between the records and it used to end with the sting "it's radio1"

    It was probaly an in house production. So I do not expect anyone to have a clean copy.

    Still it would be nice... ;)
  • RefereeReferee February 2008
    And here is the attachemnt!! filename:1203726094_611_FT58910_o275285r1.mp3
  • crpcrp February 2008
    I have the Roadshow version here. filename:1203726823_4712_FT58910_roadshow_10.mp3
  • crpcrp February 2008
    Not too sure what you mean in the reply there? Or am I missing something
  • RefereeReferee February 2008
    The original jingle, that the bits and pieces one grew from, was the one I attached. The ramp was followed by Simon Bates saying "Radio 1 Roadshow Bits and Pieces" with David's sound bite being splice into it and then the first track would play.

    Hope that makes it clearer!!!
  • wiggerswiggers February 2008
    i thought the ramp was followed by the late great tommy vance, doing the v/o
  • gameswizardgameswizard February 2008
    the bits and pieces jingles that i remember are indeed the ones voiced by tommy vance done to the instrumental version of "on 275 and 285,radio 1".
    voiceover by tommy:
    "radio one roadshow bits and pieces" which also included the sound effect above.

    the dave clark thing posted i dont remember at all.
  • RefereeReferee February 2008
    Yep memory laps there folks Tommy V was the VO artist. I also remember they played one just before the song before the quiz... "one more record to bits and pieces" Great days!!
  • Maestro66ukMaestro66uk February 2013
    Would someone please mail me the "Bit's & Pieces noise" MP3?
    The links above don't work.

    I used to have this sound effect on my hard drive but my sodding drive went down and I lost LOADS of stuff!!
    I've searched high and low for this sound but this is the only site I can find it.

    Many thanks in advance.

  • DuncanDuncan February 2013
    If anyone's interested, the sound effect is from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop-taken from a Doctor Who album (a laser gun of some description, don't have the cd to hand).
  • BigdaveBigdave February 2013
    Here's The Dave Clark 5 intro. I've even replicated the god awful edit from the original!

    And that sound....

    Hope you find these useful,Mark!
  • petewilsonpetewilson January 2014
    I didn't realise until 5 minutes ago that "Bits and Pieces" was around way before the Radio One Roadshow.
    I'm just scanning a May 1968 edition of the Radio Times and at 09.55 on Saturday May 25th 1968 (Between Ed Stewart and Keith Skues Programmes) there was a 5 minute show called "Bits and Pieces"
    (repeated 1.55pm) "Solution and Prizewinners to Competition Number 12..... The first five correct answers picked will win a Transistor Radio"......
    Wow the days when the BBC actually gave out Prizes! :-D
  • bland75bland75 February 2014
    Duncan said:

    If anyone's interested, the sound effect is from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop-taken from a Doctor Who album (a laser gun of some description, don't have the cd to hand).

    Duncan is spot on - the sound effect is called "Fission Gun - The Ark in Space" and was produced by Dick Mills & Brian Hodgson from the BBC Radiophonic Workship (the track on the CD has 2 blasts of this).

    Here is the effect taken straight from the CD

    Bits & Pieces Zap by blandy75

  • petewilsonpetewilson February 2014
    But can anyone remember the "effect" used on the earlier "Bits And Pieces" right up to about 1976 ?
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins February 2014
    Flanging ?
  • petewilsonpetewilson February 2014
    I can't remember myself..:-S
    But I can remember the Intro was an edit of The Dave Clark Five "Bits and Pieces"
  • SeanMartinSeanMartin February 2014
    Either phasing or flanging.

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