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radio rjr pams jingles
  • danidani January 2008
    anyone got a copy of the PAMS Radio RJR jingles made for the radio station in Jamaica? %-6
  • Didn't know PAMS ever did anything for RJR (but may well be wrong)?
    I've got some PAMS for ZNS-3 in the Bahamas + Radio New Providence if its just
    something "Caribbean" you might be after? (and my tape of ZBM-2 Bermuda P-T
    jingles is now sadly unplayable...)

    I used to have a tape of RJR's "Chi-Chi Bud" "signature" music but there's probaby
    no-one got that left anymore - does anyone still do DX-ing nowadays? (In fact,
    anyone still buy the WRTH - "World Radio TV Handbook" - in the Internet Age?)

    (PS - Dani - I think someone else out there has/had beaten you to the title of "first girl jingle collector"? ;) )
  • JingleMadJingleMad January 2008
    I only know of the Jam, Radio RJR but sadly this is all i have Boo Hoo :( filename:1200164141_6527_FT56441_radio_rjr.mp3
  • danidani January 2008
    what a lovely suprise thank you:)
  • topcattopcat January 2008
    RJR had PAMS Series 33. I know I've got a copy of it somewhere.... !

  • Would certainly like to hear that sometime please TC!

    In the meantime, here's some of the ZNS-3 and Radio New Providence PAMS material,
    which includes Solid Rock I/II, the 3WE custom, and even the rare KQV custom from 1971 :)
  • topcattopcat January 2008
    Hmmm... I dont' hear any 3WE in that composite. :)
  • Not even cut 11 at 1:45?

    If so - Ooops! I've had that one wrong since the days of the Metro Radio and Radio Orwell PAMS Composites! :)

    (I know I'm OK with the KQV cut though! - I've still got an ancient 3&3/4 IPS tape of it dubbed
    for me by the station in 1971!)
  • freq-kyfreq-ky January 2008
    Hearing a cut from "The Sound Supreme" (to use one of rjr's old 70s/80s straplines) is a bit of a surprise.Cheers.
  • LenGroatLenGroat January 2008
    Hi Wixy

    The cuts around 1.45 are from Solid Rock 2 and 1, 13KOL. 'Good Music Every mornin' on 13KOL / More Solid Rock WLS'


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